About Us



The FOCUS DRIVING ACADEMY is operated by Adrian Kennedy, who delivers both AUTOMATIC and MANUAL tuitional lessons. Adrian is a retired Police Officer with 30 years in Greater Manchester and Humberside Police Service. A large proportion of this service (26 years) was involved in driving Police vehicles varying from the humble Panda car to Ford Cosworth's, Capri's, BMW's, Volvo's, Range Rover's, Subaru's, as well as Large Goods Vehicles and trailers of various types. 

During his career, these experiences provided him with the knowledge of advanced driver training, such as tactic defensive driving and inclement weather conditions. This also included general skills for motor vehicle inspection. We understand that no two students have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why we create an individual learning plan for every pupil. Your plan will combine introductions to lessons, direct instruction, discussions and one-to-one tutoring, throughout the entirety of your lessons that we instruct.​ ​

We take pride in our standards and delivery - We are the FOCUS DRIVING ACADEMY.